All You Need To Know About Incognito Mode And Anonymous Browsing

All You Need To Know About Incognito Mode And Anonymous Browsing

All You Need To Know About Incognito Mode And Anonymous Browsing

Do you believe opening the browser window in incognito mode will keep you untraceable? Then you are absolutely wrong in some sense. 

Morden browser comes with a feature of incognito mode built in like firefox and chrome opera most of then have an incognito mode feature in it but have you ever wondered what does it actually protect you from? 

what part of data the browser record even the incognito mode is enabled and who can watch you?

I am going to clear all your question in this post so that you can browse the internet like a pro.

Anonymous Browsing

In simple words, Anonymous browsing refers to surfing the internet without disclosing your actual IP address and location so that nobody can trace.
How to get anonymous? we will be talking about it in a while but before you have to know what incognito mode actually does.

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Incognito Mode

When you select incognito mode your browser will open a new window that behaves like a freshly installed browser on a new computer. 

There are no cookies, no bookmarks, no saved searches, and no pre-filled forms. Every time you close the incognito window, all the information the browser collected will be deleted. Great isn't it? 

  • Incognito mode will prevent you from cookies which can identify you.
  • Incognito mode will protect you from your family members snooping habits.
  • But it won't protect you from people tracking your DNS records.
  • Your IPS(Internet Service Provider) can trace you
  • If you are surfing in the office or school your administrator can track you.
You want to know each and every detail about the incognito mode and how to use it on

They have a beautiful article on it.

To get complete anonymous on the internet the following.

1.Public Wifi (coffee shop, Resturant or airport)
2.VPN from 
3.Tor Browser 

These three, when combined togather, can make complete anonymous browsing possible.


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