Where Can I Practice Linux Online? EXPLAINED!

Where Can I Practice Linux Online? EXPLAINED!

Where Can I Practice Linux Online? EXPLAINED!

linux online terminal

Webminal is a free GNU/Linux Terminal online. You don't have to download any virtual machine merely for using the Linux terminal, no need to install Ubuntu or any other Linux distro all you have to do is create a lifetime free account on webminal and start using ready to use Linux online terminal. 

It is a replica of the actual terminal you will find on Linux. Just Login to their website and start using their Linux online terminal that's it.

You can practice Linux commands, write bash scripts, create and access MySQL tables, Learn Python programming and perform root user tasks (with sudo command feature).

With the help of 'Webminal Play' feature, you can watch screencasts (instead of reading docs) and practice too.

More than 1 million users from 125 different countries use Webminal for practicing. 

They have some limitations, like 

  1. The user may create files up to 1000. I think to practice Linux 5 or six files is sufficient to test all the Linux commands.
  2. Users get 4mb and its fair enough for 1000 files consisting of random text.
  3. You can open up to 15 files at a time and work on them concurrently.
You can share files among your group and peers. You can create your own group.

for more information on limitation visit http://www.webminal.org/ 

How to access the terminal?

Below is a video featured on their website.


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