Best Summer Training In Kolkata For BCA MCA Students.

Best Summer Training In Kolkata For BCA MCA Students.

Best Summer Training In Kolkata For BCA  MCA Students.

If you are looking for the best summer training in Kolkata for BCA, MCA students, If your college is asking to take summer training from somewhere and its mandatory for your grades. Then you should wait for no further and look forward to these best institutes for you BCA, MCA summer training on some of the demanding programming languages. So, let's not wait for any mone and check out the list.

1. EjobIndia:- 

One of the best trainers out there. Wide variety, of courses to choose from, You can chose Android development, Web development Bigdata and more.

If you select web development as your summer training course then you can either choose dotNet or PHP as core programming language. Industry professional trainers they have a company named Syslog which is their parent company where they bring your teachers from. I think you will not regret learning from these guys.

One good thing about them is they teach in small batch consisting of 10 to 12 students in one batch, which helps bilaterally on teacher end because he or she can focus on each student and help them overcome an issue whereas you can have clear your dought more clearly in fewer students, and yes they also take very nominal fees per course.

 In the end, the best student gets a prize to form them and each one of the students gets a certificate of completion of the course. They will provide you the project topic and required information about that topic, then you have to use what you have learned and built that. But you will get very less time to complete the project may be one week. 

They should provide the project topic in the middle of the course, not at the end of the course. So students get more time to complete their projects. Where Globsyn is implementing this plan. Read more about Globsyn on the next point.

2. Globsyn:-

First of all, course fees are a bit higher than other training providers. Maybe because of their swanky building, indeed they have good infrastructure, no offense.

 That is the main reason for the high fees other than that other training providers will also bring in industry trained professional to train you not only them moreover with low fees. They will create a batch of 30 to 35 student and train them in one class.

 If you like to learn like that then you are welcome here. They don't have a fixed location for training one day they will send you to there main office in Ballygunge and another day the will send you to Salt Lake to their another office. Not only that they might tell you to go to some college they have a tie-up with them to send students to train them in their computer labs.

Teaching quality is good they will provide better projects than other institutes they also have a wide variety of course to choose from taking from android to machine learning. 

They don't have a fixed time someday they will teach you for continuous 4 hours and someday they will teach you for 3 hours That's the most irritating thing to me, where EjobIndia don't do that stuff they have a fixed time 3 hrs per day. Globsyn just wants to complete your 70 to 80 hours course as soon as possible.

3. Indian School of Ethical Hacking (ISOEH):- 


If you want to ethical hacking training then go for ISOEH they are the leaders in this field at Kolkata. Many of you asked me what is the best ethical hacking institute in Kolkata. here it is. Look no further and get an admission they will teach you how to make hacking tools on PHP, Python Ruby what not. They provide hands-on and practical experience from some of the best industry experts.

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