Web Development Tools To Increase Development Speed Like PRO

Web Development Tools To Increase Development Speed Like PRO

Web Development Tools To Increase Development Speed Like PRO

Web development is a very dynamic field new trends come and go and you have to keep up with them else you will be left behind. I agree with your point that creating a website from scratch is not an easy task you have to keep in mind many things like best design principles, code refactorization, and other stuff like that. From browser addon to text editor packages I have coved all the essential tools to sky-rocket your web development process like never before and I am constantly updating the list. So, Let's dive right in.

Development Tools

1. Sublime Text 3


One of the best and most use text editor for frontend development purpose. It is a fast and user-friendly editor, written in Python. You will get a default HTML boilerplate in it no need to install an additional package for that. Additionally, you don't have to necessarily use emmet package on sublime text editor but I recommend to install it why I am saying that because you get most of the features preinstalled in the text editor. In my opinion, it is the best editor if you are a front-end developer. Moreover, you can edit more that one line at the same time. AMAZING!!

2. Visual Studio Code


One of the intelligent text editors out there, If you are working on the backend this text editor can be a boon for you to reduce time not typing the same line of code again and again. It will help you to auto-complete your code line with more accuracy than another text editor can do, there is less editor which will generate a drop-down popup with more accurate code suggestion, You can use C9 as an alternative but its paid. you have to purchase a premium plan. and here you are getting it for free. moreover, they are providing pre-installed git with the editor.It is extensible and customizable too.

3. CodePen


One of my favorite editor to test quick project and test functionality of elements in my website, like the grid system, button, links what not. The main reason for its popularity is that it is fast you don't have to open your browser every time and refresh the page to see the change. It does that instantly for you. You can share your work on the go and show off or help the community may be. If you think CodePen is the only one for this job then let me tell you there are more website like that JSFiddle, CSSDeck, JSBin, LiveWeave.

HTML Resources

1.HTML5 Reference by MDN


I don't have much to say about it. One of the biggest and the oldest HTML Reference by Mozilla. You can search any topic of your need copy it and past it and tweak it as per your requirement. As simple as that.

CSS Tools

1.ColorZilla Addon


CollorZilla addon is a must-have tool for your browser. Sometimes I like a color from a website or from an image I found online like google images. what I use is this CollorZilla color picker tool to copy the hex value of the color and use it in my projects. Very helpful to me.



This is a tool help you create various type of shapes with the clip-path property of CSS. on this website you will have a huge range of shapes to chose from and select your desired one and copy the auto-generated code and use it in your project, You can also tweak the predesigned shape as per your need and change the background color also the size too.

3.UI Gradients


This one is my favorite I often use gradient colors in my projects to create one from scratch it will waste a lot of my time. So this tool helps me the most at that point in time I simply go to their website and select some random color combination and copy the code and BOOM all done. You get the web prefixes with the code too.

4.Color Hunt


If you are not a designer kind of a guy or you are very confused about which color to use in the theme. This could be a heaven for you. You will get a lot of predesigned color combination which you can use them. Just use the color picker tool I suggested above and use it on them and create the custom color pallet of your choice.

Optimization And Testing

1. Optimizilla


If you want to make your blog or website faster and reduce the load time on mobile and desktop. you have to reduce the image size by compressing the image. But it is a risk to compress the image if you reduce the quality of the image, But with optimizing, you will not suffer from that. You can compress an image up to 20mb.


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