What are Progressive Web Apps? Explained.

What are Progressive Web Apps? Explained.

What are Progressive Web Apps? Explained.


As we know progressive we apps are here and there is a huge buzz about it. What is the reason behind? The web is the largest software platform ever created that works on any device, anywhere.
That is the thinking behind Progressive Web Apps (PWA), these are the mobile-friendly websites that can do anything not less than native mobile apps. You might have come across to prompts popping up asking you, Make Shortcut to Home Screen. If you have ever visited twitter on the browser, not with its native mobile app. You might have encountered this situation.

Why It`s for you.


Mobile apps can take a lot of storage space on your device. If you had installed Twitter App from Play store before you might have noticed it is of 48 to 49 MB app, but PWA version of Twitter is merely some KB`s. You can see the difference, and most importantly it has most of the features the native app has.You don't need to download an app to get all the killer features like push notifications, location service etc. Your browser can itself become a hub of everything you do on your mobile phone.

How PWA work.

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Its quite simple, progressive web app builds on web standards called service workers, HTTPS and web app manifests. The service workers let developers build websites that can work when there’s no network. The Web App Manifest lets users do things like pin the app to their home screens, or interact with web apps as if they were native.The main motive is to make something that will work without internet and can be launched right from your mobile home screen.

What PWA can do.

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Companies are looking for websites that can do everything what a native can.  according to 2017 US mobile app report by comSource that, people use mobile apps more than the browser to access the service of a website that has both website and a native app for their service. Agreed that apps are fast robust. They offer push notification, location service, background services and many more. So it is as simple as that if you want more customer, want to reach more people you should make a mobile app,  and its a hell lot of work. That the reason why companies are focusing on progressive web apps, a website that can do everything a native app does. Progressive web apps can use GPS, motion sensor, face detection, gyro sensor and more. it can pave the way for Augmented reality and Virtual reality experience. right on the web. Remember the app Lenskart, Ditto Feature. Ditto is a company which provides its service to its partners like lenskart. So to use that feature we need the native app which will consume more space so here is an alternative, build a PWA version of that app. 

How to use Progressive web app.

Hopes this will help to understand the concept of Progressive web apps.


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