How To Customize Your Browser To Save Time Like Pro.

How To Customize Your Browser To Save Time Like Pro.

I know it is a bit hard when you are reading an article on Wikipedia and then suddenly you want to copy one URL on that page and use it somewhere else. what would you do? As simple, you would hit your right mouse button and click the copy the URL option with your left button. Now what I would do, simply press "yy" on my keyboard, done. that`s all on how to copy the URL on a page of your desire. 

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Impressed? Then stay with me.

Here is another situation, you are reading one article or some web development HTML or CSS or maybe javascript code.What you would you do, using the arrow keys on the keyboard to scroll down here is one alternative use "J" to scroll Down and use "K" to scroll up.

I want something more impressive!

Now if you directly want to go to the end of one page then what would you do 
1. Scroll with the mouse until the page ends.
2. Press and hold the arrow key until the scroll bar ignores you.
Here is a PRO way to achieve it. 
Simply press "G" if capslock is on else "Shift+g" BOOM! you did it.
Isn't cool? Yes indeed.

toy story meme

Another worst situation,

Imagine you are browsing a webpage which has a hideous design, suppose you are scrolling down and suddenly there is a section which has content displaying horizontally, then you have to move your cursor to that scroll bar and drag it to right or left. But I have one button alternative I will press "l" to scroll right and "h " to scroll left as simple as that.

What about finding something on a page?

What will you do to find something on a web page you would definitely press "CTRL+ F" to find I would press "/" to search and to find a next match I would press "n" that's all.

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An alternative for reloading any page.

What will you do to reload a page you will definitely press "F5" or "CTRL+ R" I will press "r" that's all.

Open bookmarked pages like searching the web.

What will you do to open a page bookmark I will press "o" and search the bookmarked site on your browser.

Here`s the Big Question?


Now the question arises how I am doing that? Its called Vimium magic "Vimium" a simple addon for chrome and firefox. One of the useful addon everyone must use. If you are not using it, you are wasting your time doing the old stuff.

What if you forgot those shortcut. 

Simply press "SHIFT+ /" button or "?" on your keyboard and the shortcut help box will pop up like this.

Can I create my own Shortcuts?

Yes, you can by pressing "SHIFT + ?" pop up window will open now click option.

New window tab will open and go to the second TextArea on the page.

key binding
remove all the text from that box and suppose you want to make "e" to scroll down that type.
unmap jmap e scrollDown

The first line is to unmap the previous key and the second one is to assign a new key.
And then press "CTRL + Enter" to save the change. 

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Who is it for?

1.If you are a developer and want to save time on searching your queries around the web you should have this.
2.If you love to read articles on your favorite website that is maybe! the Vimium is must for you.

Now you can think like a HACKER MAN.



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