Step by step tips on how to learn maths for Machine Learning.

Step by step tips on how to learn maths for Machine Learning.

Machine Learning is rapidly going viral and everyone is a bit crazy about it. Every one wants to become a machine Learning expert these days. I know you are very interested in machine learning too. but if are a bit confused about what maths you will need for MachineLearning then you I am here for you to explain them in a detailed way. All the advance maths you will need for machine learning career. It is definitely a lucrative career choice, from now for 20 years this is a booming field. But to get into this field is a bit lengthy process you have a good fundamental mathematics knowledge, you should know many programming languages along with a few statistics.
As you know this is a bit lengthy process you have to stay motivated till you reach that level.One can excel in this field if he or she is highly motivated and determined and yes, you should have time.
I want to share with you all the list I made on all the maths you will require before getting into this field of computer science. you will need to work with maths to work with SCIKIT LEARN, WEKA, TENSORFLOW etc. One of my readers was asking that Do I have to study AUTOMATA for machine learning? 
The answer is yes, Automata is the base of artificial intelligence all those finite state automata, Mealy machine, Moore machine. You have to study that thing, but no need to worry about it is the easiest part of discrete mathematics.

Why you need maths.
1.To select the best efficient algorithm according to their time complexity. to make your code more efficient.
2.Choosing the parameter and setting the validation string.

What Maths you will need.
 75% of Linear algebra, 25% of statistics,15% multivariate calculus,15% Algorithm and complexity

Now where you should start?

1. Linear algebra: Khan academy linear algebra, probability and statics, Multivariable calculus and optimization.

2.Coding the matrix: Linear algebra.

3. Udacity: Introduction to statistics.

4. MIT Courseware: Linear algebra.

For a beginner you don't have to study them all right now you can start with the basic of machine learning technique and later you can expand your knowledge with these maths skills and excel in this field.

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If you want to get a live demo of machine learning right now, What is actually machine learning then Google has developed a machine learning library for the web that gives an introduction to machine learning to beginners. It's DeepLearn.js. go and give a try.

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