11 advance easy tips to earn money online and work at home.

11 advance easy tips to earn money online and work at home.

earn money online

So you want to earn money online and you can`t find the best tips and way do it right now. I have personally taken this responsibility to help you find the best ways to earn money online with detailed tutorial and tips. Today you cant work merely as a blogger to earn money you have to think differently about another idea, with another brilliant viewpoint. You have probably heard about how much you can earn online, but you can't make money online very quickly. You have to wait and work constantly until you reach that goal.

once I read a quote somewhere and I liked it so much that I want to share it with you.
Tell me about it, I will forget. Show me, I will believe. Involve me, I will implement 
I want you to give you the best tips I have analyzed so far to earn money online exclusively on Cranky View. So, stay with me.

11 advance easy tips to earn money online and work at home.

Let dive into the amazing list.

1. Make website themes and temples.


Website templets are the most popular among the bloggers and small e-commerce sites. They spend a huge amount on themes to make there website or blog more beautiful and user-friendly. Sites like Themesforest and AccessPressThemes are the most trusted and preferred sites. But they charge a huge amount for awesome themes and in the free versions, you will not find anything interesting or suitable on your blog. moreover there out there WordPress theme market is huge but have you ever thought about the blog hosted on bloggers, they have very limited templets to choose, you can find limited websites that offers bloggers templets and they are not very attractive too. So here's are some tips from me, if You are a website developer you can make a separate website where you can feature all you templets or themes and provide them for free or you can charge a nominal fee for those templets accepting nearly all payment options, because there are some customer who is willing to buy them but unable to pay because of the limited payment options a website have. Most of the website accept major cards like a master, Visa card but there are people like me we have Rupay card that is not accepted everywhere except India. A small tip you should add all major payment option available in your country that will definitely increase your sales.

2.Infographics making service in your country at low cost.


Infographics are like hot burning cakes these days, every blogger is trying to make his content more understandable and rememberable. There are websites that provide these service worldwide but as you can guess they charge a huge amount for that service. Can you hear that bell? If you have some basic artistic skills and imagination power then you can earn money online right now. Try creating a blog and featuring some of your works and gather customers by free advertising or organic search. and take orders at a low cost and accept payment in all majors payment gateway possible in your country. Most customers don't want to disclose their bank accounts details to everyone for them try to use PAYTM or PAYUMONEY kind of site it will get see a rapid bounce in your sales.

If you are curious about getting traffic to your site or getting targeted customers to try to follow post published on Neil Patel's Blog you will find it helpful, he is a regular blogger and posts tips and tricks to boost. there is another option is if you work on fiver or works as a freelancer you can earn big money online. 

3. Work as a guest post writer.


For this, you have to gain some experience in writing and expressing your opinion in a fun and interesting way. Many website and blogs looking for guest post writer who can regularly post trending content on the there blog. some tips from me try to get some writing experience by creating a blog like mine and then show off your blog on your portfolio when you apply for guest post blogging. After an ample amount of guest posting, you will get many articles to add to your portfolio then go to freelancer or fiver and charge as much you want for your service or you can create an account to UCweb.com and start writing for them, they will pay you according to the traffic your article generated. these articles are featured in UCNews app you use. In a couple of days, you will earn a huge amount.

4. Earn from PTC Sites.


Another good way to earn online but I don't prefer this much if you have patience then you are a winner in the game else you will feel like why I am wasting my time doing this stuff.

there are websites like Neobux, Clixsense where they will pay you to watch ads for 30 seconds and they only pay 0.01 for each ad and you will get only 30 ads per day. the secret behind earning is if you have enough referral you will earn $5 dollar per day. Along with ads, they will give you mini jobs to multiply your earnings. but trust me when you will join you will be at level 1 worker and level 1 jobs are very rare you will not get work frequently moreover you have to gain 75% accuracy on each task to get paid. It took me 2 months to earn $5, So I left that work. But if you have patience then you can earn big money. Here are some tips from me, try to share the earning opportunity with the PTC site you use and share your referral link and train them. You can invest in that job to earn a gold package. initially, you can join the program for free and for a lifetime, but if you want to earn more then try to invest in buying a premium package it will double your earning.

5. Buy and sell domain names.


Yes, one of the most profitable way to earn money online. Getting a domain name of your choice are getting rare day by day you go to any domain registering site like bigrock.com and try any common name coming to your mind, try to type it with a .com as prefix what you will see is SORRY TRY ANOTHER NAME. What does that mean? people are buying those domains and instead of using it they are reselling it at a higher price. It's that profitable? here are some tips, go to any good domain registration service provider and try names with different combination and purchase them for 2 years and then use google ads to features those second-hand domains to targetted customers in a blog and sell them.

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6. Write ebooks for others.


Writing Ebooks are a very difficult task for a blogger who is very busy with is blog posts. if you go to freelancer.com you will find many jobs listing on this topic. Here are some tips, if you have a good command of English and can illustrate your text with infographics then you can work as an ebook writer. You might have seen that many bloggers give free ebooks to their readers. you can become helping hand to them. You can make a website where you take orders from customers or you can post a gig on fiver.com.

7. Make 3D/2D game assets.


Video game developers don't have enough time to make their own game assets and use them. Most of the developer look for premium unique game assets developer worldwide. to help make their game a reality. Here are some tips, If you have some knowledge of 3D modeling or 2D character design then you are on a bright side make a blog feature some free content on it and tell your customer that you provide unique work for each and every customer according to their need and obviously charge some fee for that cause that will be your bread and butter. Try to charge less fess than your competitors else you can't succeed.

8. Earn from your photographs.


If you think you are a talented photographer and thing that you can provide soothing photographs to the community then you have to go for it. Here are some tips, make a website and feature most of your photos for free, People like free things try to full fill their need, and you will see a gradual increase in traffic to your site and then the monetize your blog with ads. Else you can sell your images on Shutterstock or Gettyimages. Chances are you will earn a big money in no time. advertising firms always look for images they can use for advertisement purpose.

9.Blog about Accountancy.


I am a commerce student too. When I was completing my High School I was looking for something like that, but Google has a very limited trustable resource that provides accountancy tips and tutorial. You will find some of the sites that claim to provide daily accountancy tips for a subscription. But why don't you go out there and start a blog on accountancy not on marketing because nearly every blog is based on marketing you have to do something different go for teaching accountancy to every fellow like me if you have that talent. you will easily get an ample amount of daily traffic, trust me the competition is very less.

10. Start trading on trusted websites.


Websites like Sharekhan.com, iqoption.com are some of the best trading sites you can try, all you have to do is to invest some money and on shares and start watching your earning grow. to start trading right now follow this popular post featured on a blog name TheBalance.com.First you have to make a dematerialization account(DEMAT ACCOUNT) for trading. when you will join Sharekhan.com they will teach you everything from basic to expert, but I recommend that if you don't know about shares or never invested in share you should get a mentor who will guide you through this share jungle.

11. Earn form Android applications.


We have arrived at the last option which is earning from android application. which I don't prefer that much but I have seen many who are successfully earning their living with such kind of applications.
You can find much application that claims that you can earn unlimited but the harsh reality is that you can't even earn $1 easily. one friend of mine tried this kind of app, the concept of the app was like casino game where he has to spin the wheel and when he hit the jackpot we will earn $100, but that day never came. So I tried my best to share some legit apps from where you can earn money online and work from home.

Try using 

Pitthoo: Pitthoo is an incredible, multiple players, free online trivia contest platform. All that you get in this platform are numbers of extraordinary contests played on a specific time of the day that helps to increase your knowledge and getting assured gifts!!! Remember, at every point in time, you are playing with many users but participants with most correct and quickest answers win the contest. And yes they pay you to win the contest I have personally tested this game, it pays you PAYTM cash for a successful win.

ChampCash: Champcash - Digital India App is Used to Earn Money in Free of Cost. they pay you to refer others and view ads and complete some offers.

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All the ways you have read so far some of them are free that is, you can start it with zero money but some of them you have to invest a small amount to start. Nowadays sharing tips on marketing will not earn you a dime you have to do something different in this earning online profession. you have to provide something useful to the customer or people which they want to consume and feel satisfied. 

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