Machine Learning Course And Who Can Learn.

Machine Learning Course And Who Can Learn.

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Nowadays you can notice that everyone is talking about machine learning and AI. Now the question arises is that machine learning and AI the same? Both are often seemed to be used interchangeably, but there is some difference between them.
according to one of the articles published on Forbes on machine learning explaining,

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Machine learning is one of the current application of AI-based around the idea that we should just give machines access to data and let them learn then self to achieve the output maybe its some kind of forecasting or prediction and stuffs like that.
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But Artificial Intelligence is a broader concept of Machine being able to carry out a task that we would consider smart. Actually its a concept of making an artificial human mind that can think of like human take decision like humans on any situation. But in case of machine learning, it is mostly focused on one objective, that is on which dataset you want to apply machine learning to make the task less complex and reduce the time it will take to do it manually.


Machine learning with Python.

It is popular in machine learning because of many interrelated reasons. Python is simple, elegant, consistent and math like which is easy to understand like the pseudocodes. You can do so much with its libraries like Numpy, TensorFlow, Scikit-learn and much more.
So if you are not familiar with python. You have to learn it, it is a free opensource software easily available and you can get it from here.You can learn python very quickly but if you want to learn it in a very systematic and in a fun way you must join this course.

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Machine learning community is vast and rapidly increasing you will easily find free or paid Machine learning PDF, Projects, Books, Algorithms explanations searching around the web.
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Now Lets talks about employment and pay scale in this field.
According to my research.
If you start working as Data scientist you starting salary would be approx ₹7,00,000 and will gradually increase in future.

Data Mining will require python and you should have a good concept of Data Structures.
Here is a link to a free tutorial that will help to learn Data Structure.If you excel in this field you will be in demand for decades.
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I think you cant learn machine learning merely searching the internet if you are new to this field you need some basic concept and training. Now how will you achieve that required training on Machine Learning?

Here is some shortlisted Machine Learning Course You should give a try. Ok.. Now don't say that you don't want to spend a dim out of your pocket and want to solve intelligence.You miserable cheap fuck.


1.Learning Python for Data Analysis and Visualization.

A udemy Best selling course and must buy. You will learn everything how to implement machine learning on data Analysis and all.  


2.Machine learning A-Z Hands on Python&R in Data Science

Another Udemy Best selling course and must buy if you have some basic knowledge about python and want to go into the field of Machine Learning this course is for you.


3.Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp

Another Alternative to the second course but you must have basic knowledge of Python Programming.


4.Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree Program

The most searched course on google you will get everything you want from this course. This Machine Learning Course is made for intermediate to advanced level, if you are beginner you should learn Python first then Go with the course mentioned above. Courses from Udacity are very expensive because these courses are created by MNCs and as you know the charge huge fees but no dought the fees are worth it.
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That doesn't mean udemy courses are worthless cause they are cheap. You should pay a visit to Udemy and you will see how much these courses are in demand.

After completing one or two of these courses you can follow any resource on the internet and you can then think like real developer may be.
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That's all, Thanks for reading.Any suggestion? please feel free to hit the comment and share it with us.