The Biggest Torrent Search Engine Is Back

The Biggest Torrent Search Engine Is Back

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I know we all are sad after listening to the news, one of the biggest Torrent search engine is closed permanently merely leaving a small message below the search box claiming 

Torrentz was a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines
But what was the reason why one of the biggest Torrent search engines come to an end?
TorrentFreak was the first to report of its shutdown. But so far nobody knows its actual reason for closure. According to some reports found on the deep web. After the closure of KickassTorrent, the best torrent site in the history and the owner's arrest and all his wealth was confiscated by the United State Government. After this many torrent site owners closed their websites and among then one was Torrentz

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Now suggest me an alternative.

Fine, after looking kindly on your requests I came here with a mind-blowing alternative. The biggest search engine is back on track and live. It's  Torrentz2. It claims was a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines, is trying to replace it
Indexing 61,110,898 torrents from 256,302,097 pages on 82 domains so far making it the biggest torrent search engine.

How to access it?

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1. If you are trying to open it in chrome any cant find the page on google search result, try searching it on Incognito mode pressing SHIFT+CTRL+N together.
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2. It is obvious that torrent sites will have a lot of ads Pop up ads video ads and much more which will take you to malicious websites and can harm your PC. There is another option to visit this website anonymously that is using Tor Browser it is not recommended to use Tor for the torrent. But why? it is a much broader concept I will soon write a post to explain to you what is Tor and how to use it. For now, if you are familiar with the Tor browser then it will not display any ads on your screen.    
And for your kind information if you are visiting any torrent site and downloading pirated content don't forget to subscribe for VPN services from trusted VPN services provider. Else you are risking to leak your identity online and government can trace you and you know the heavy penalty for downloading pirated content. My best wishes are with you.

If you don't want to spend extra on any VPN services after spending your hard earned money on an antivirus. Try to buy an antivirus with free VPN service Kaspersky provide Free VPN service with their antivirus. I bought a 3 Year subscription pack of Kaspersky antivirus initially there was no VPN service but recently they added it to that package it is hardly $9 OR 600 Rupees, and believe me its worth it.    

The ultimate guide to tor browser and deep web.

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