How to pass WBUT exam

How to pass WBUT exam

How to pass WBUT exam
Fine WBUT exams are arriving and you want to pass WBUT (Semesters) exam anyhow am I correct? If you want to pass WBUT exams then here is the ultimate cheat sheet to pass the semester with flying colors. First of all, I want to make one thing very clear is this foolproof plan will only work if you haven't studied for the exam at all or is only 1 month left to study.So not wasting any more of your valuable time because every minute is vital for you after reading this post. Let's dive into the Ultimate cheat sheet on how to pass WBUT exam with flying color.

No No No... you don't have to cheat in the exam.

How to pass WBUT exam
WBUT is the easiest board no dought in that and getting 8 points or 9 points is not very tough. 

stay with me until the end I will share a valuable tip.

 Follow these steps.

1. Buy an Organizer (The God of all Books) You will find most of the question are that are going to come in your exam. Just check the question repetitions if the question arrived last year go through it only read so that you get yourself familiar with that question and answer. Always study those questions which are most repeated in the exam for 3,4 or 5 years. If you miss any of these questions then I cant do anything.
How to pass WBUT exam

2.Exam time if you find any question common try to answer it as much as possible I know it is hard to remember every line you have read in the organizer try to make your answers in points and make 5 or 6 points at the exam time just elaborate them with your own language and at the end of the answer try to make a diagram anything just try to explain them anyway. Try to answer every question and each question must be on one page. Yes, it's not a big deal try to write in large handwriting.

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3. Your main motive should be filling out the whole booklet which is 32 pages and I bet you cant. If you did it, then it is clear that you are going to get more then 7 points.Start your answer with correct point and explain it for 7 line and then comes the garbage part, fill your answer with garbage while trying to explain it. Funny isn't it but remember to try to stop explaining it after you fill one-page Exception if you know the answer correctly then you can use as much page you want to answer, at least you are giving the right answer.

How to pass wbut exam

4.Having a maths exam? then this tip won't work. I don't know how I managed to pass every exam maybe the examiner showed mercy and gave me 5 points in every exam. You have to practice for passing maths no tricks sorry. If you have one please tell me too I will love to hear from you.

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5. As promised above I will share a valuable tip with you, doesn't ever read any answers from WBUT Organizer I think maybe the guys who print that book boose before the come to work, Full of mistakes and errors never follow ay programming from that book even the answer. In other words, WBUT Organizer is a question bank only. I am not saying that all the answers are wrong in that book 85% are wrong according to experience. I have strained in that board for 4 years and I think I am quite eligible to give the rating about that book.

How to pass WBUT exam
And Voila!!! all done, now you too have a foolproof plan to pass the exam. Now don't waste any more time.