3 apps ideas and opportunity for you

3 apps ideas and opportunity for you

We have seen a constant growth in Mobile Application mini projects for computer science students, and computer science project ideas, according to some surveys out of 100 business 99 of them are dependent on the mobile applications. It can be a final year project ideas They help organize the business more efficiently they are the backbone of any business which is closely dealing with customer and fulfilling their daily needs.

it can be your mca project or it can prove to become your project ideas for cse but first, you must read the projects ideas.

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Mobile application ideas yet to come on the market.
Mini Bus

1. Local Bus App:- I have searched the play store for some similar app like this. I found some apps are providing the same service but where they are lacking is, they are using a fixed fake database which they don't update timely. As we all are quite familiar with the frequent change in Local bus routes and how frequently new buses arrive in that same route existing app is failing in this section they never update their database. you can check their ratings too, full of haters and bad rating. There is an opportunity for you if you can make an application that produces data from an updated database. You have to collect the database from several bus stands or you can hire some people for that. After collecting the database and implementing it everything becomes easy. when there is a change in bus route you can ask users to update the database and then later you can review them.


2. Criminal database app:- No competitor for this application. cause no one has guts to do that. In this app you have to work closely with police and providing those databases to them for this you can ask for some fees for that service. Now the big question is that how can you collect those data. It will be very wrong to say it's easy. The first step, you have to get data from police who are on the wanted list get some images and a brief description of the suspect and publish this information to your app. Later you can ask the user to provide some information about those data on your app, they can provide the last seen location of that suspect and upload an image. You can easily get this by providing some kind of achievements or pay them a small amount or create a bounty program. Most importantly keep your user's data private cause this full system work on trust.
3. Caption creation app:- You know how much captions are important nowadays they are heart and soul of an image when you post an image to social media like Facebook or Instagram, a perfect image and a perfect caption can get you lots of followers or like you can get famous. Captions are required everywhere to give a sense to that content. Most people fail to give a perfect caption but they have an outstanding image, as a result, he will not get enough likes. Why don't you help them out making an application? A tip from me you need some knowledge of machine learning.

That's all for now. If you think there should be more then let me know or if you have any unique idea you can share in the comment section below then we will discuss it.