10 Useful website You Wish You Knew Earlier.

10 Useful website You Wish You Knew Earlier.

      These are the top ten useful websites that some of you may already know.


    Many of you are known about the 10-minute mail. Mailinator is another solution to the spam problem for any temporary email address. So when signing up for a site that requires an email address just this instead of your normal email address.


    Sometimes you just want to quickly edit a photo without having to learn a complicated image editing program like Photoshop. Picmonkey makes it really simple.
                 -Select edit a photo
                 -Select an image from your computer


     Wide Screen Gaming Forum for those of you with widescreen 4K or multiple monitors this site can make your gaming experience on PC even better, you can find your game from the games database listed in in alphabetical order so you can see if that game is supported for your monitor and site can also offer fixes or workaround to get your game working perfectly on your gaming monitor.


        If you are just starting out learning how to code, CodeAcademy is great for learning the basic concepts. They offer several courses including JavaScript, Python, Ruby. To start a course a course just selects which one you want to learn. It will give you step-by-step instructions.


     Keepa is useful for price tracking on Amazon.You can select deals, it will find you some of the biggest discounts on amazon. The search function is also useful. It shows the amazon price, new use and warehouse deals.


      This site is extremely useful when looking  for alternatives of software.So definitely check out this site for alternatives to popular software. You just might find something better than what you are currently using.


        We all have been on website and have wanted to print out an article or tutorial but most of the time the ads and pictures make the printout a mess. This site makes the printout more printer friendly.


           If you are PC gamer and want to get the best price on games you should definitely check out isthereanydeal. The home page will show you some bundle special along with some other deals on games or you can search for the game you want.


            The site was created by Bucky Roberts and has thousands of videos and tutorial. There tutorial are just about every computer science topic.Best of all they are all free.If you are starting out you need to bookmark this site now.


            Here is another great web site which offers more than 250000 free ebooks that can be borrowed in either PDF or online form. Best of all it is all completely legal. So the next time you are looking for a book to read check out openlibrary. 


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