Visual Basic 6 Fibonacci Series

Visual Basic 6 Fibonacci Series

We are going to generate a Fibonacci sequence in Vb.Fibonacci series is the series in the first term starts from 0 and next term will be the addition of the previous two terms.

we will design the form in which we will take one text box for taking the input up-to which the series will be generated and one command button.

we will write the code under the click event of the command button.

Private Sub Command1_Click( )

Dim  n, a, b, c as Integer
n = val(Text1.Text)
  a =0
  b =1
  Print a
  Print b
 For i = 1 To n - 2
    c = a + b
    a = b 
    b = c
    Print c
 Next i
End Sub


 1.The program uses if next loop structure.
 2.Dim is used to declared a variable.
 3.Val function is used to change a string to numeric.

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