Aipoly: An App For Blinds.

Aipoly: An App For Blinds.

Do you have ever wondered how visually impaired people will use a smartphone? Now, developers have created an innovative app to make smartphones reliable for blinds.


App named Aipoly, a revolutionary IOS app "Vision through Artificial Intelligence" which can change the future. This application requires an active and reliable internet connection. Aipoly uses the internet to connect with Cloud. It uses the inbuilt mobile camera and speakers.

How it Works.

The user interface is very simple it only has a camera screen. But what it does is remarkable. When the user holds the mobile same like clicking pictures. Aipoly uses the mobile camera and senses the nearby object and send the data to Cloud where the developer has already created a unique algorithm to distinguish different real-life objects according to their shapes and polygons. So the name Aipoly which mean's Artificial Intelligence Polygons. After it compleats analysis of object then the information is transferred to the mobile again. The received information is transmitted through inbuilt mobile speakers. According to them, it can also run Locally Private on your device without forcing you to upload images to the cloud.  

1. Object Recognition
2.Action Recognition
3.Food Recognition
4.Product Recognition
5.Animal Recognition
6.Face Recognition
7.Plant Recognition

Still, we have a long journey ahead to access the desired Artificial intelligence. Computers do make mistakes and completely depending on them can create jeopardy situations sometimes.
Let' check out some funny mistakes done by an Artificial Intelligence algorithm.

The developers of Aipoly claim's that the algorithm has the ability to furnish 90℅ efficient information. According to them, further updates will bring more improvements. This app can run on almost any device like Raspberry Pi, IoT & security, Mobile and Robots & Industrial.   

It's an Application which can give a small hope to millions of Visual Impaired across the world.
Check out their website for sample test done by them

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