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All subjects Question Papers of Stream BCA 2018 5 Semester exclusively on Cranky View.

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Value Ethics of Profession

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Unix And Shell Programming

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Data Communication And Computer Networks

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Multimedia and E-Commerce

BCA 3rd Sem Question paper 2018.

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How To Host PHP Web Development Projects For Free on Windows Or Linux.

How To Host PHP Web Development Projects For Free on Windows Or Linux. 


Are you looking for a free hosting for your web development project for testing or maybe you want your friend to access and use the website but you don't want to spend on hosting service for that, then today we will discuss how to host your PHP web development project for free and get a free domain name to access it throughout the internet.

Note: This solution will work for any web development stack But I am specifically making this tutorial for PHP, MYSQL users. But again, If you want this tutorial for some other stack then just let me know.

Ok, then lets dive in.


1. Any web server like XAMPP, WAMPP (i will use XAMPP). If you do not have one please download it from this link here. Linux users don't need any of there.

2Ngrok for creating secure URL for accessing local server throughout the internet.

3. Active internet connection.

That's all you need for now and you are good to go ahead.


1. Create a new Project folder inside C:\xampp\htdocs\

NOTE: This location should be the same if you haven't customized the xampp default installation location.
Linux user can create a new project folder inside /var/www

2. Start your XAMPP web server. (Beginners can follow this post Running xampp server with a project)

3.. Download ngrok if you haven't downloaded it yet. You will get a RAR file, extract it inside your project folder in our case C:\xampp\htdocs\YOUR_PROJECT_NAME

4. Run the EXE file. Command Prompt will pop up with some helping content to get started.

As you can see you can do some bunch of stuff with it, like transferring data or accessing the local server. Yes, we are going to use the HTTP 80 to access the local web server.

NOTE: After running the EXE if you are first time user then you have to insert this command first

ngrok.exe authtoken <YOUR_AUTHTOKEN>

You can get YOUR_AUTHTOKEN from get started dashboard. Linux users can follow ngrok get started guide

5. Run the project with the below command

ngrok.exe http 80

you will get a new window like this
ngrok server

6. Go to the URL written in Forwarding row, in my case 
Voila!, you get your default xampp dashboard. 

7. To access your project just append a /YOUR_PROJECT_FOLDER_NAME/PROJECT.PHP
or any index page of your choice. You are done. Share the full link with any of your friend and they can access your project from remote PC.

NOTE: Keep in mind that your URL is not static every time you close ngrok and restart, they will dynamically allocate you a new URL. But you can get a static URL using ngrok paid service.

That's all, for now, hope you like it.

Best Summer Training In Kolkata For BCA MCA Students.

Best Summer Training In Kolkata For BCA  MCA Students.

If you are looking for the best summer training in Kolkata for BCA, MCA students, If your college is asking to take summer training from somewhere and its mandatory for your grades. Then you should wait for no further and look forward to these best institutes for you BCA, MCA summer training on some of the demanding programming languages. So, let's not wait for any mone and check out the list.

1. EjobIndia:- 

One of the best trainers out there. Wide variety, of courses to choose from, You can chose Android development, Web development Bigdata and more.

If you select web development as your summer training course then you can either choose dotNet or PHP as core programming language. Industry professional trainers they have a company named Syslog which is their parent company where they bring your teachers from. I think you will not regret learning from these guys.

One good thing about them is they teach in small batch consisting of 10 to 12 students in one batch, which helps bilaterally on teacher end because he or she can focus on each student and help them overcome an issue whereas you can have clear your dought more clearly in fewer students, and yes they also take very nominal fees per course.

 In the end, the best student gets a prize to form them and each one of the students gets a certificate of completion of the course. They will provide you the project topic and required information about that topic, then you have to use what you have learned and built that. But you will get very less time to complete the project may be one week. 

They should provide the project topic in the middle of the course, not at the end of the course. So students get more time to complete their projects. Where Globsyn is implementing this plan. Read more about Globsyn on the next point.

2. Globsyn:-

First of all, course fees are a bit higher than other training providers. Maybe because of their swanky building, indeed they have good infrastructure, no offense.

 That is the main reason for the high fees other than that other training providers will also bring in industry trained professional to train you not only them moreover with low fees. They will create a batch of 30 to 35 student and train them in one class.

 If you like to learn like that then you are welcome here. They don't have a fixed location for training one day they will send you to there main office in Ballygunge and another day the will send you to Salt Lake to their another office. Not only that they might tell you to go to some college they have a tie-up with them to send students to train them in their computer labs.

Teaching quality is good they will provide better projects than other institutes they also have a wide variety of course to choose from taking from android to machine learning. 

They don't have a fixed time someday they will teach you for continuous 4 hours and someday they will teach you for 3 hours That's the most irritating thing to me, where EjobIndia don't do that stuff they have a fixed time 3 hrs per day. Globsyn just wants to complete your 70 to 80 hours course as soon as possible.

3. Indian School of Ethical Hacking (ISOEH):- 


If you want to ethical hacking training then go for ISOEH they are the leaders in this field at Kolkata. Many of you asked me what is the best ethical hacking institute in Kolkata. here it is. Look no further and get an admission they will teach you how to make hacking tools on PHP, Python Ruby what not. They provide hands-on and practical experience from some of the best industry experts.

That's the information we can share and if you like this please share this with your friends. Don't hesitate to comment.

Where Can I Practice Linux Online? EXPLAINED!

Where Can I Practice Linux Online? EXPLAINED!

linux online terminal

Webminal is a free GNU/Linux Terminal online. You don't have to download any virtual machine merely for using the Linux terminal, no need to install Ubuntu or any other Linux distro all you have to do is create a lifetime free account on webminal and start using ready to use Linux online terminal. 

It is a replica of the actual terminal you will find on Linux. Just Login to their website and start using their Linux online terminal that's it.

You can practice Linux commands, write bash scripts, create and access MySQL tables, Learn Python programming and perform root user tasks (with sudo command feature).

With the help of 'Webminal Play' feature, you can watch screencasts (instead of reading docs) and practice too.

More than 1 million users from 125 different countries use Webminal for practicing. 

They have some limitations, like 

  1. The user may create files up to 1000. I think to practice Linux 5 or six files is sufficient to test all the Linux commands.
  2. Users get 4mb and its fair enough for 1000 files consisting of random text.
  3. You can open up to 15 files at a time and work on them concurrently.
You can share files among your group and peers. You can create your own group.

for more information on limitation visit http://www.webminal.org/ 

How to access the terminal?

Below is a video featured on their website.

Simple Star Pattern With One Loop With PHP

Simple Star Pattern With One Loop With PHP

Today we will create a simple star pattern with simple one loop in PHP it is very simple, below is the output you can see.
star pattern PHP

We will use a for loop and an inbuilt string function of PHP.  str_repeat(); Inside the For loop. So let's do this.

First You will need Xamppfor this task If You have already installed then well and good but if you don't know about that then also well and good. Let me explain to you what is Xampp.

It stands for Cross-Platform (X), Apache (A), MariaDB (M), PHP (P) and Perl (P). ...is also cross-platform, which means it works equally well on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Basically, it is a package which has PHP, Mysql and some other useful software preinstalled So that You don't have to make your hands dirty downloading these tools separately.

 If you are developing any web application on LAMP stack then there might be some situations where you have come across a topic like XAMPP for testing your web app.

If you need a more formal explanation then visit here.

Installing it is not much complicated you can simply download it from here Just hit next button until installation starts. (Note: You can select Your custom installation destination to some other local disk but the default is Local disk: C)

  1. Inside Your local disk C: locate and open xampp folder. 
  2. Inside the xampp folder locate and open htdocs folder.
  3. Now create a new folder inside htdocs and name it anything in my case I will name it as projects.
  4. Now inside projects create 2 new file a.php and star.css (NOTE: You can name them anything you want to but the extension should be same ie; .php and .css)
We are done with the setup now past the below code inside your newly created PHP file in my case a.php

<!DOCTYPE html>
 <title>star pattern</title>
 <link rel="stylesheet" href="star.css">
 <div class="cont">
    echo str_repeat("*", $i);
    echo "<br>";

Now inside your CSS file in my case star.css paste the below code.

 font-size: 28px;
 margin-left: 100px;


NOTE: It is very important to understand that that CSS file is not mandatory you can to it without the CSS file, I used it because I want to use it. If you don't want to create a CSS file, fine leave it.


Now start menu and type xampp and select open xampp Control Panel from the list.
start xampp

 A new window will open like this. Press start on both Apache and MySQL

xampp controllpanel

Now open Your favorite browser I will use firefox and type: 


Inside the URL box at the top of the browser.
"projects" is the newly created folder inside which we have stored a.php file. We have to provide the full path after the localhost keyword.

It is the end of this tutorial. If You have any dought Pls don't hesitate to comment below. I will be glad to help you and please show some appreciation for my work by commenting on them if you like it. Thanks.

Create A Registration Form In HTML Only

Create A Registration Form In HTML Only

Today we will create a registration form in HTML without using any CSS or any other stuff, it's super simple and quick to create. We will use tables to format the registration form.

So let's start this simple web development tutorial. You can use this in your blog or for any other website or for practice.

No coloring, styling stuff will be in this tutorial we will cover that in the coming tutorials.

I will use Sublime Text 3 a free version for this tutorial. You can use other editors also notepad will also work. But the reason for not using notepad is that you can do the same stuff in less time in the modern text editors.

We will need to create another HTML page to redirect the form when submit button is clicked. so open another file and save it in the desktop or the same location where you save the form.html file in the same folder. NOTE: Inside the HREF attribute enter the exact path of the file. for example, if you have saved both the file in desktop then just enter redir.html as location else if you have saved both the file in different location like in local disk D and inside any folder in that drive then give the full path like D:your_folder_name\redir.html

This is how our form will look like. I know it is a very simple looking site but sooner or later we will work to create a more beautiful registration form. Below is the code you will use to create this simple looking basic HTML form which will do nothing but take user input and redirect to another page.

<!DOCTYPE html>
 <title>regestration form</title>
<form action="abc.html">
 <table border="1" align="center">
  <th colspan="2">REGISTRATION FORM</th>
  <td><input type="text" placeholder="Your name" required></td>
  <td><textarea cols="50" rows="10" placeholder="Your address"></textarea></td>
   Male:<input type="radio" name="gen" value="male">
   Female:<input type="radio" name="gen" value="female"> 
   C:<input type="checkbox">
   C++:<input type="checkbox">
   JAVA:<input type="checkbox">
   JAVASCRIPT:<input type="checkbox">

    <option value="">select</option> 
    <option value="kolkata">Kolkata</option> 
    <option value="mumbai">Mumbai</option> 
    <option value="delhi">Delhi</option> 
    <option value="pune">Pune</option> 
  <td align="center" colspan="2">
   <input type="checkbox">I accept terms and contitions. <br>

Create Festival Wishing Website On MEAN Stack

Create Festival Wishing Website On MEAN Stack


Today we will create a Wishing Website On MEAN Stack. There will be one webpage which takes a username in a textbox and show the wishing message with the username on the top of the page. You can actually call this a festival wishing webpage or and user welcome page using a query string.
If you have heard about query string for the first time then, It is a text which is passed as a URL on the top and fetched but some element of the page.
here is an example of Query string:-

Required software for this project

  1. Text Editor (of your choice I will use Sublime Text 3)
  2. NodeJs
  3. GIT

 NPM packages to be used.

  • EJS(Embedded JavaScript)
  • Express
  • Nodemon (Optional)

I will not show you how to install these now. I will write another post real soon on this topic and update this one.


1. Create a file on the desktop name it anything you want.

2. Right-click on the folder and select the open git bash here command. (make sure you have installed GIT on your system before this step else you can`t follow this part.)

3. Type npm init and create a JSON File.
  • give package name app.js
  • if you want to change version you can 
  • Rest, hit enter no need to change anything.
4. Now inside your folder create a file and name it app.js
and paste this code I will explain later

var express = require("express"),
 app     = express();

app.set("view engine", "ejs");
app.use(express.static(__dirname + '/public'));

app.get("/", function(req,res){ 
 res.render("welcome",{qs: req.query});

//server set up
var server =app.listen(3000,function(){
 console.log("on server!");

5. In your git bash command line, you have to install those packages mentioned above.
Type these, one by one.
  • npm install express --save
  • npm install ejs --save
  • npm install nodemon 
6. Now create two more folders inside your main folder.
Name them like public, views respectively. and don't name it something else name them as given here it is essential of the project.

7. Inside of the views folder, we will create a new EJS file name it anything with .ejs extension at the end.

8.  Inside of the public folder, we will create a new CSS file name it anything with .css extension at the end.

9. open the CSS file in the text editor and add this code


 padding: 0;

 margin: 0;




 background-color: #F5F5F5;

 max-width: 500px;

 height: 100%;

 width: 100%;

 margin: 0 auto;

 text-align: center;

 border-radius: 18px;

 box-shadow: 5px 5px 5px rgba(68, 68, 68, 0.6);



 animation: swing ease-in-out 1s infinite alternate;

 box-shadow: 5px 5px 10px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5);


@keyframes swing{

 0%{transform: rotate(5deg);}

 100%{transform: rotate(-5deg);}



 max-width: 60%;

 max-height: 30%;



 text-transform: uppercase;

 overflow-wrap: break-word;


.bounce {

 margin-left: auto;

 margin-right: auto;

 color: white;

 font-size: 35px;

 text-shadow: 1px 1px 2px black, 0 0 25px blue, 0 0 5px darkblue;

 animation: bounce 2s infinite ;


@keyframes bounce {

 0%, 20%, 50%, 80%, 100% {transform: translateY(0);}

 40% {transform: translateY(-30px);}

 60% {transform: translateY(-15px);}


10. Now open the EJS file and enter this code

<!DOCTYPE html>



 <title>query string</title>

 <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="welcome.css">



 <div class="container"> 


 <% if (qs.name ) { -%>

 <h1 id="nameOverflow"><%=qs.name%></h1>


 <% } else { -%>

 <h1 id="nameOverflow">Your Name</h1>

 <% } -%> 


 <h2>की ताराफ से</h2>




 <img class="swing" src="https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4a/Shiva_cropped.jpg"> 

 <% if (qs.name ) { -%>

 <h2  class= "bounce" id="nameOverflow"><%=qs.name%></h2>


 <% } else { -%>

 <h2 class= "bounce" id="nameOverflow">Your Name</h2>

 <% } -%>

 <form action="/" method="GET">

 <input type="text" name="name" placeholder="ENTER YOUR NAME">









 <h1>creator:- Atanu Modal</h1> 





I have used an image from Wikipedia you can change as per your requirement and add it to your code. You can change the creator name and the wishing text to anything. rest should be the same.
We are done, we have created the CSS for style and the HTML file using EJS.
now we have to test it.

11. In your git bash command line type node app.js or nodemon app.js (If you have installed nodemon as a package) else use the above, both will work fine.

12. Open a Web Browser, I will use firefox. Type localhost:3000 on the address bar BOOM!! it works. Enter your name in the text field and hit submit button, it works!

Here is the link of complete sample project hosted on Heroku.

If you want to host your app for free like I did use Heroku to host it. Below is a link to a guide provided by Heroku you should check, it`s super easy to follow.