The Scope Of Web Development In 2018.

The Scope Of Web Development In 2018

front end and back end

Web Development is one of the most searched profession for a long time. It is now one of the biggest ecosystems around the web. You might have noticed at StackOverflow most of the question on the hot topic are from web development, and it should be on the hot list because it is the most exciting career among others. It becomes more amazing when we combine frontend web development with backend web development. I don't want to explain what is Frontend development and what is Backend web development. 

You can find more information on the web like etc but in a nutshell, Frontend part is the client side part which you can see. Where Backend is all the things behind the hood that you are not aware of like in case of Facebook, you don't know how facebook create your account are how it is managing your information.

Ok Enough, Now let's talk about the Future of web development. If you are aware of the Google developer days India which recently held at Bangalore. They mainly focused on Progressive web applications and Web development. They introduced the latest updates of Lighthouse, a tool mainly for web app development. So let's Talk about Progressive web app development.

1.Progressive Web Apps

What is Progressive Web Application?

Have you ever used a news app or Twitter Mobile? Twitter mobile is one of the best examples of Progressive Web App, It is actually a lite version of the actual Android app specially designed to make the app faster with the better user experience. And not only you can access the tweets offline one, Not the new tweets but tweets which you have viewed earlier. I will not talk about how to make such apps right now. But I promise I will make a post explaining to you how to make similar one soon. 

Progressive web apps are the biggest competitor of native mobile apps so far. they look similar to them Flipkart, OLA is other examples of the progressive web apps. Once the app is connected to the internet (if the app has a background service functionality) else when used with internet in some cases, it stores the data in the user's mobile cache and further help you to view them offline anytime. The UX plays the key roll in PWA(Progressive wen Application.)


Bot Cranky View
source Mozilla blog

Web development can be taken to the next level by introducing machine learning. Companies are now hiring Machine Learning experts who can make their websites to produce or suggest related products according to user search preferences like Amazon does. When we talk about Machine Learning with web development one thing comes to mind is bots for Chat are to make thing automated.

What is a Bot for Chat and other things?
Bot are everywhere in you can find bot in Reddit forum to judge your content was spam and remove it from the forum. Bots are used in twitter according to a research 15% of Twitter users are`s a great resource from Mozilla blog.

So what is Bot? 
Instructions are written to do a specific task like following other users on Twitter and unfollow then after 3 or 4 days. Or algorithm was written to communicate with real users for providing help support or for time pass one example of Chatbot is Google Assistant. 

You will find many chatbots around the web like Hike and Skype have its own Chatbot you can communicate to them. It's now becoming more difficult to identify are you chatting with bots on twitter or a real human. 

On you can test your self if the poem is written by bots or human, kind of a game you can say. Bots can be of various type some are to like share follow some content or some are designed for customer support. Most of the companies these days want a chatbot for customer support to reduce their expense. So Building Chat bots will remain in the market for a long time.   

3.Static Single Page Website

single page site

Now comes the trend of static Single page website. Like a landing page for a company where you can find each and every content of the company on the same page and these are on a high demand. nearly every startups are now focusing on making a website for the service they are offering. If you have Experienced in HTML and CSS some basic DOM Manipulation you can make them too but, most importantly you will need to have some knowledge of UI and UX to excel in this job. You to keep in mind the design principals Before making single page themes. No need to worry that is an easy task.

4.Motion UI.

motion ui

Motion UI is none other than animating webpage people like animated eye appealing content, not static UI. Check out TrionnDesign this company Landing Page you will definitely like it. So there is a huge demand of Motion UI experts in the market You will find many topics on how to animate with Pure CSS on CodePen here you will find tons of project to get inspired and make your own with CSS check that out.

Emerging Technologies in Web Development.

1. HTML 5
2. CSS 3
3. JavaScript(JS)
4. Angular JS
5. Node JS
6. Express
7. ECMA Scripts
8. PHP
9. Mongo DB
10. CSS FlexBox

Note:- These are the cutting edge technologies which modern companies are using on their websites and the reasons in they have reduced the complexity of web development on a large scale. 

The Scope And Future Of Machine Learning And Expert Tips.

sample ML ROBO

The Scope And Future Of Machine Learning And Expert Tips.

The scope and future of machine learning are rapidly growing. One who gets int the field can reach the pinnacle of success very quickly. The power and simplicity of deep learning technology are great.
According to one of the professors of Bennet University Dr. Deepak Garg, Maths is a required subject for machine learning followed by statistics. At first, he thought to be expert in deep learning technology he has to learn too many things like linear algebra, calculus, probability, and data structures and API`s. 

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Later in his journey to he realized that how easy it is to get into this field and kickstart his career in Machine Learning with ample amount of online courses on udemy and Udacity etc. Very little maths is required to expert these technologies. Further added that the size of the code might surprise you if compared with the classical computer science application code. And it should amaze you indeed what you have to do is, just giving the inputs data set to the computer and providing some output samples and using an ML model, that all, the computer will find the desired output for a situation.

From this, you can realize that how machine learning is helpful in business decision making and financial analysis and what not. Many startups are not hiring Deep Learning Machine Learning experts because they want to make the user search and recommendation experience much advance and more accurate in some sense.

Here is a business case I found on

A Business Case

Let us now see an interesting example published by McKinsey differentiating the two algorithms: 
Case: Understand the risk level of customers churns over a period of time for a Telecom company Data Available: Two Drivers – A & B What McKinsey shows next is an absolute delight! Just stare at the below graph to understand the difference between a statistical model and a Machine Learning algorithm.
ML example

What did you observe from the above graph?  The statistical model is all about getting a simple formulation of a frontier in a classification model problem. Here we see a non-linear boundary which to some extent separates risky people from non-risky people. But when we see the contours generated by Machine Learning algorithm, we witness that statistical modeling is no way comparable to the problem in hand to the Machine Learning algorithm. The contours of machine learning seem to capture all patterns beyond any boundaries of linearity or even continuity of the boundaries. This is what Machine Learning can do for you.
Users don't have bang their head on the desk to worry about the inner detail of the code as you might do if you are a c programmer and creating a linked list maybe. You have to merely worry about the input sets, output sets, and the appropriate machine learning model.Worried about the future so let me make it very clear to you about it Don't panic look at the below graph, that shows the growth of Machine learning.

ML graph

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Machine learning expert will be the most searched profession of 2018. The growth will maintain its pace for next 20 years. The biggest achievement of would be in health care and space sectors.
doctor in ML

Think of it like the doctor has given the symptoms of the patient and the symptom shows is its cancer and the on some cured output samples the robots do the treatment. Yeah, it's not that easy like I am saying here tho, but one day I think it will be there. And in space, as you might be aware of the news that Google machine learning helper NASA to find another similar solar system like us far away bit might be the star wars galaxy maybe. 
death star

So the growth is there in this field but. One Abraham Lincoln said "I would take time to sharpen my AXE before cutting the tree. " yes it was a short story but I just highlighted the moral here that you have prepared your self before getting into exploring deep Learning.

Step by step tips on how to learn maths for Machine Learning.

Machine Learning is rapidly going viral and everyone is a bit crazy about it. Every one wants to become a machine Learning expert these days. I know you are very interested in machine learning too. but if are a bit confused about what maths you will need for MachineLearning then you I am here for you to explain them in a detailed way. All the advance maths you will need for machine learning career. It is definitely a lucrative career choice, from now for 20 years this is a booming field. But to get into this field is a bit lengthy process you have a good fundamental mathematics knowledge, you should know many programming languages along with a few statistics.
As you know this is a bit lengthy process you have to stay motivated till you reach that level.One can excel in this field if he or she is highly motivated and determined and yes, you should have time.
I want to share with you all the list I made on all the maths you will require before getting into this field of computer science. you will need to work with maths to work with SCIKIT LEARN, WEKA, TENSORFLOW etc. One of my readers was asking that Do I have to study AUTOMATA for machine learning? 
The answer is yes, Automata is the base of artificial intelligence all those finite state automata, Mealy machine, Moore machine. You have to study that thing, but no need to worry about it is the easiest part of discrete mathematics.

Why you need maths.
1.To select the best efficient algorithm according to their time complexity. to make your code more efficient.
2.Choosing the parameter and setting the validation string.

What Maths you will need.
 75% of Linear algebra, 25% of statistics,15% multivariate calculus,15% Algorithm and complexity

Now where you should start?

1. Linear algebra: Khan academy linear algebra, probability and statics, Multivariable calculus and optimization.

2.Coding the matrix: Linear algebra.

3. Udacity: Introduction to statistics.

4. MIT Courseware: Linear algebra.

For a beginner you don't have to study them all right now you can start with the basic of machine learning technique and later you can expand your knowledge with these maths skills and excel in this field.

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If you want to get a live demo of machine learning right now, What is actually machine learning then Google has developed a machine learning library for the web that gives an introduction to machine learning to beginners. It's DeepLearn.js. go and give a try.

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7 Advance Tips to improve coding skills like a pro

tips to imrove coding

I have received many quires on how can I improve my coding skills, is there any way to code more efficiently, I am not good at problem-solving skills.So, I decided to post some advanced tips to code like a pro indeed. First of all, I want to make it very clear that there are no shortcut ways to improve your coding skills, you have to practice and think about coding all day. That was the first tip from me.
Yes, I know that thinking about coding all day is not an easy task, you have to make your mind focused on one task at a time and proceed. Now let me discuss some tips to stay focused on coding every day. So stay with me.

Advance tips to improve coding skills like a pro.

1. Start with one language and mastering it.

c language

In my case I started with C and studied it for two years when I was compleating my graduation I studied on data structures with c and the basic programming with c that made be quite an efficient coder to easily get started with other languages C is the most basic programming language and I recommend you should start with that and then move to java if you want to learn C++ then it is a vast concept and mastering C++ is not an easy task in my opinion mastering any language is not possible in 1 or 2 months you have to continuesly stay focus and work on to improve your skills. 

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2. Solve coding problems.

rebuc cube

First of all, you have to find some coding problems from your textbook and try to solve them on your own, and later if you failed, check google for a solution but what if you didn't find any think on google then go to and don't hesitate to express your code problem clearly.
StackOverflow is a place where all beginners to advance programmer hangout to hone up their coding skills. You will definitely find one answer to your question. But note you cant ask every question on StackOverflow, if you code is not working or giving errors then you should ask. if your code has some syntax error you should not ask these type of question on StackOverflow. Rather you should go to some tutorial website and learn the basics properly and try to find your answer from there.Now If your program is giving output but your output is not what you were expecting then you should not ask on StackOverflow instead you should go to Code review another stack exchange site.

3. Reddit forums for knowledge.


As the title says join Reddit forums on a coding section like Ask_programming and try to be active all the time and solve coding quires of other peoples. or try to ask you query there if you want. The Reddit community is very helpful.

4. Read Programming books.


Reading is the only way to improve your skills, it may be reading an article or a book reading is the best approach to hone up your problem-solving skills what you will get with reading is incomparable with any video tutorial. yes, I agree that we get more clarity on the concept rather reading but on the other hand, it is also right to say that you will not get every problem explained as a video for you. So you have to improve your reading and understanding level so that you can acquire knowledge from anywhere. I have listed some of the most trusted books you should follow and trust me you won't regret buying them.

let us c

c skills

5. Write what you have learned so far.

yo story

Writing is sense creating a blog and explain a program that you have solved on your own or that program which you have searched on the internet but failed to find any solution. like that what you will get is, You 100% improve you code typing skill, becoming valuable assets to programming community anyone can get help from your blog any day and finally you can showcase your work to anyone. Even earn from it by monetizing your blog.

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6. Pseudocode approach

girl coding

Every time you code it gets easier to understand the problem when you make a step by step approach toward your goal that is what we call pseudocode. basically what you do is before implementing your code in the code window what you do is you take a piece of paper and write the logic on how you will achieve the final goal. For example, you want to find the largest number in the array. 
pseudocode will be like.

Here are the few basic steps that would be involved:
1) Store the numbers in an array; arr[10]
2) Initialize i to 0
3) Compare arr and arr[i+1]
4) If arr > arr[i+1], then arr[i + 1] = arr
5) Increment i and go to step 2
6) At the end of the loop, the largest number is ***** in arr[i+1] 

it will make your problem easy to understand and boost your problem-solving skills.

7. Take part in code competition.

code jam

You should take part in coding competitions whenever you get a change may be in your college or school. Every technical institute host such competition to hunt young talent. take part in hackathons or google code jam challenge.if you think that you are capable of competing in some high-level coding competitions then check out these sites.
d. TopCoder.

That all if you follow these steps you will definitely come up with flying colors in near future. 
If you liked the tips please share as much as possible.And let me know if you want something more to be added.