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7 Advance Tips to improve coding skills like a pro

I have received many quires on how can I improve my coding skills, is there any way to code more efficiently, I am not good at problem-solving skills.So, I decided to post some advanced tips to code like a pro indeed. First of all, I want to make it very clear that there are no shortcut ways to improve your coding skills, you have to practice and think about coding all day. That was the first tip from me.
Yes, I know that thinking about coding all day is not an easy task, you have to make your mind focused on one task at a time and proceed. Now let me discuss some tips to stay focused on coding every day. So stay with me.
Advance tips to improve coding skills like a pro.1. Start with one language and mastering it.

In my case I started with C and studied it for two years when I was compleating my graduation I studied on data structures with c and the basic programming with c that made be quite an efficient coder to easily get started with other languages C is the most basic programming la…
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11 advance easy tips to earn money online and work at home.

So you want to earn money online and you can`t find the best tips and way do it right now. I have personally taken this responsibility to help you find the best ways to earn money online with detailed tutorial and tips. Today you cant work merely as a blogger to earn money you have to think differently about another idea, with another brilliant viewpoint.You have probably heard about how much you can earn online, but you cant make money online very quickly. You have to wait and work constantly until you reach that goal.

once I read a quote somewhere and I liked it so much that I want to share it with you. Tell me about it, I will forget. Show me, I will believe. Involve me, I will implement I want you to give you the best tips I have analyzed so far to earn money online exclusively on Cranky View. So, stay with me.

11 advance easy tips to earn money online and work at home.Let dive into the amazing list.
1.Make website themes and temples.

Website templets are the most popular among the blo…

Link aadhaar number with bank right now Tutorial

The Indian government is making it mandatory to link nearly everything with aadhaar like lining mobile with aadhaar pan card with aadhaar and now you have to link aadhar with your bank account. This is to done to make sure who are getting subsidies and who are not getting it and why, another benefit of link aadhaar with the bank is to fight against corruption. In this tutorial by Cranky View, we will make this task easy as it is. 

Important date: 31 December 2017 within this date everyone should link their Aadhaar with bank accounts.

How to link Aadhaar number with Bank.
1. Go to the nearest ATM  right now (SBI).

2.Enter your Debit card. Now, if your debit card is new that is if you have created a new account with the bank may be in 2016 or this year. You will notice after inserting your debit card the ATM screen will say, Do you want to link your account to Aadhaar card. You will get 2 option Yes or No. If you press Yes it will ask your Aadhaar number, you have to enter your number then …

Top mp3 song and ringtone download sites

Top mp3 song and ringtone download site for your project and offline listening and safety tutorial.
Are you tired of finding the best mp3 songs download site for absolutely free on the internet? Most of the site like Spotify or iTunes or Saavn will charge you a small amount of money.I know you will find much better sites than these may be, but I have shortlisted some of the top mp3 songs download sites for your project or listening offline you should not miss.

Best royalty free music site.
If you want royalty free music for your project you can get it from, one of the best royalty free music provider. songs are categorically organized with a large variety to explore. you can download them for your projects but if you want to use them the earn money you have to purchase the license. That will cost you a little.On EpidemicSound, you will find the download site easily.

Best free Bollywood  mp3 song download site. 
Now if you are looking for some songs to increase your mobile…

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The Biggest Torrent Search Engine Is Back

I know we all are sad after listening to the news, one of the biggest Torrent search engine is closed permanently merely leaving a small message below the search box claiming 

Torrentz was a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search enginesBut what was the reason why one of the biggest Torrent search engines come to an end? TorrentFreak was the first to report of its shutdown. But so far nobody knows its actual reason for closure. According to some reports found on the deep web. After the closure of KickassTorrent, the best torrent site in the history and the owner's arrest and all his wealth was confiscated by the United State Government. After this many torrent site owners closed their websites and among then one was Torrentz[Must Read] Top Mp3 and Ringtone Download site.
Now suggest me an alternative.

Fine, after looking kindly on your requests I came here with a mind-blowing alternative. The biggest search engine is back on t…

3 apps ideas and opportunity for you

We have seen a constant growth in Mobile Application development and app ideas, according to some surveys out of 100 business 99 of them are dependent on the mobile applications. They help organize the business more efficiently they are the backbone of any business which is closely dealing with customer and fulfilling their daily needs.
[must read]- Machine Learning CoursesNow if you are thinking to startup or want to make mobile applications for some side income whatever it may be, all you need to do is just stop thinking and start doing.If you are thinking to make something different from other and want to stand out, Here is an opportunity for you to start now.

Mobile application ideas yet to come on the market.

1.Local Bus App:- I have searched the play store for some similar app like this. I found some apps are providing the same service but where they are lacking is, they are using a fixed fake database which they don't update timely.As we all are quite familiar with the frequen…